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Thread: Lamecraft Redstone Mod 4.0.0

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    Default Lamecraft Redstone Mod 4.0.0

    Lamecraft Redstone Mod 4.0.0 a updated lamecraft homebrew game for the playstation homebrew community is now available for download . This latest version released just a few hours ago to the homebrew community brings some new features as well as bug fixes from previous version offering better stability and compatibility for PSP CFW and homebrew enable PSP system , Feel free to read below for a bit more information about this modded psp homebrew game which is available for download below . Features of 4.0.0
    -> Pupkin view
    ->Unlimited world in survival/creative/hard
    ->Inventory animation square
    -> right hand moving at walking and removing
    -> Eating apple : press the ďadd cubeĒ control
    -> add a lot of craft (but not all)
    ->Lag decrease a lot
    ->deleted S4inexcraft mobs only
    ->Save stuff
    ->much more
    coming soon
    ->3dmobs (thks to Skog)
    ->more food
    ->more craft
    ->command block
    ->in game singleplayer commands
    etc Ö
    new controls :
    -> eta apple : press the add cube control
    -> in game survival, hold the remove control for destroy a block
    Download and Give Feedback via Comments
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    Download Link here is broken..

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