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    PPSSPP 0.1 a new PSP emulator has been made available to the playstation homebrew community . IF you are looking a cool new emulator that will let you play PSP Homebrew and certain PSP games on your Windows PC or Android Device , Then look no further as PPSSPP 0.1 is now available to the PlayStation Homebrew community . Please note that this emulator is in beta stages and is not compatible with lots of games that are out there yet nor with lots of homebrews . A new updated version of PPSSPP hopefully will be much stable and offer more compatibility for more homebrews games and PSP games . So far PPSSPP 0.1 is available for Windows PC and Android Device, Futher developement is currently in the works for Linux, Macs as well for the XBOX360 and PS3 System . SO keep a eye out for newer version of PPSSPP for to run on your favorite device .

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