Apple may have just learned a lesson about all-or-nothing gambles. Judge Crabb has dismissed the company's lawsuit against Motorola over fair royalties for standards-based patents after the firm said it would only accept court-dictated payouts to Motorola of less than $1 per iPhone. To say that Crabb isn't eager to be used as leverage for a discount is an understatement -- she flipped from leaning towards a trial just days earlier to preventing Apple from suing over the same dispute unless it wins an appeal. The decision doesn't represent the first time the Cupertino team has had a lawsuit tossed this year, although it comes as Motorola has faced its own share of legal setbacks; the two parties are still very much in a stalemate. All we know for certain is that any royalty decision will have to come through either a (currently unlikely) settlement or through a separate trial.