The first Wii U game reviews have been published in the latest issue of GamesMaster, which is with subscribers now and on sale officially from Tuesday, November 6.
The magazine offers verdicts on bothNintendo Land (86%) and New Super Mario Bros. U (82%).On Nintendo Land GM says there's "a heck of a lot more to it" than merely showing off the new GamePad. It calls the Lugi's Mansion, Mario Chase and Animal Crossing games in particular "some of the most innovative, raucous and party-fuelling fun we've ever had with a console."
While the single-player content might not be as memorable, GamesMaster says Nintendo Land is ultimately "an essential purchase for party lovers".
On New Super Mario Bros. U GM says it was "surprised" by the amount of innovation on show in its later levels, and despite being an easier franchise entry concludes that NSMBU "bodes well for Mario's future Wii U outings".
The verdicts are part of a monster Wii special in GamesMaster 258, which you can buy online now and have delivered to your door, or purchase digitally via iOS and Android.
Nintendo has confirmed a Wii U release date of November 18 in the US, and a Wii U release date of November 30 in Europe.
The company has set the US Wii U price at $299 for the basic model, while the UK Wii U pricestarts at 230.