Another Guest has ported Duke Nukem 3D for the S60 3rd Edition, heres the release info:

Here is a quick build of Duke3d for the S60v3 using SDL backend.
Files goes into memorycard\DUKE3d

You need to create a working config file for it to work using the original duke. I.e Install duke3d.. shareware for example. configure it.. Then copy the files to your memorycard under \Duke3d

I have n't tested this.. And.. SDL keys works. 0+ to reconfigure.. 1.. input mode.. Joystick not tested.. Configure keys should work..
2.. Screen mode...3.. more screen mode.. 4.. stretch the screen

Download test at

Does it even start?

And yes its pretty complicated.. But on the S60v3.. worth it I guess.

Hi! I now tested it on a Nokia N80 and it works but SDL need some tweaking for 256 colours to work properly in stretch mode, and for controls to work, such as enter, esc etc.

Download the SIS with the shareware data files here

unzip on root of the memorycard (Will create memorycard:\duke3d\ and the sis file in the root of the memorycard).

Install SiS and launch it.