iTomb will allow loved ones to swipe away the tears and relive happy memories on an embedded Apple tablet.
We've covered eerie mobile concepts before, what with former App Of The Day: iFuneral acting as something of a digital will that enables users to plan their wake.
Now, The Sun reports that 64-year-old stonemason, Ken Howe, has developed the iTomb.
The tech-riddled gravestone sports an embedded iPad that runs on solar power, enabling loved ones to post photos and other media from the burial site.
What about rain and unsavoury characters? Well, the iTomb comes with a protective cover to fight off bad weather and crooks.
iPads cost up to 659, while the stone will set you back 900 quid. Of course, buyers could always look to reduce costs by buying a 269 iPad mini.
Howe made the iTomb in ten days for a charity and said: "People are asking for more creative headstones. With a bit of tinkering it could become a viable headstone very easily."