Peter Molyneux has delayed the announcement of his next project, 'Cooperation', until "early next week" due to the "immense success" of social game Curiosity.
The announcement of the new 22 Cans project was originally due this afternoon.Curiosity is the recently-released iOS app which has users globally working together to chisel away at a giant block, working slowly towards revealing its "amazing" contents. CVGhas been tracking its progress here.
Molyneux told BeefJack via e-mail today: "We are learning an incredible amount from our first experiment Curiosity - What's Inside the Cube. Not only in terms of player motivation and behaviour but more importantly the technical side of running something as concurrent as Curiosity.
"Well over a million people want to explore their curiosity, over half of those have been able to log in to our servers. At its peak there were 27,546 all tapping away simultaneously, more than 6 million firecrackers have been bought and over 190,000,000 cubelets have been destroyed."