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Thread: A Cup of Tea - Super Yeti Edition

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    Default A Cup of Tea - Super Yeti Edition


    smealum offers " A Cup of Tea - Super Yeti Edition "FPS achieved using the utility" FPS Maker . "


    ACOTSYE is a first person shooter made ​​with my "FPS Maker" engine, which i am Entering aussi. Unfortunately, I Had to rush development to get it "ready" in time for the competition, so it's quite buggy, and a lot of things can / will be Improved, Including performance. However, this game Does feature a lot of nice things Such as lightmapping (very basic for now) dynamic lighting for enemy models, smooth interpolated animations and more.
    It's aussi a "remake" of a game lobo and I made ​​a while ago named ACOTV8RE. While V8RE was unable to finish for MOST people, I hope you'll find this one to be more accomodating, while still quite a challenge Remaining. Most of the graphics for this game Were Made by lobo! The Yeti model I found a FEW years ago and can not remember where, so I do not know who made ​​it. ~ ~ Sm-43.gif Controls: - ABXY / D-PAD to move - Touch screen to aim - R / L to shoot - Select to open doors I included a nitroFS Both version and only a FAT version, just in case.

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