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Thread: Newo Asteroids v1.5

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    Default Newo Asteroids v1.5


    Owen offers version 1.5 " Newo Asteroids "space shooter game for the Nintendo Wii.


    I fixed some bugs Mentioned yesterday; * The target cursor was off center Whenever it was at 45 degree angle Because it was stuck to the 2d screen. I put it in the 3d world now Which makes it a little awkward shoulds purpose it still work as long as you do the point to the very edge of the tv. The target cursor shows the Amount of aussi "energy rings" you have collected and turns red if you are currently over heated and cooling down. The target cursor no longer uses cursor.png Because it loses transparency icts if I stretch it in the 3d world. * Added Which Hard mode enemies to double the 300 and Reduces the asteroids to 500 making the game more of a resource grab and bullet hell than before. I clear out the area around the player When You start in Hard or Easy difficulty Because it was getting to the fire escape just as you start playing. Easy mode HAS more asteroids, less enemies and no over heating. Normal is normal. * Added a new achievement called "50k wildfire" for 50.000 shoot bullets. It accumulates across game so it shoulds be easy to complete. Now I have a total of 21 achievements. * Music shoulds Correctly loop now. * Doubled the distance I que le "Journey" achievement takes to complete. Its now 10.000 pixels. * Also Note That I cannot really test the game in dolphin Homebrew or if you are so filter HAVING framerate issues then you are out of luck. * You score one on screen by default now. Anyway thats pretty much all thats changed. It will be out by the weekend.

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