PC developer considers his game a 'tribute' to Cavanagh's

A game similar in style and gameplay to Terry Cavanagh’s Super Hexagon is now available for free on PC, beating the maker’s iOS game to the platform. But Cavanagh is “alright” with it.
Open Hexagon on PC bears many similarities to Super Hexagon, with one of the main differences being adjustable speed.

The developer at Vee Software wrote on his Facebook wall that he had gotten permission from Cavanagh to create a game inspired by Super Hexagon, although he hopes that by creating a game so alike he isn’t “stretching it”.
“I want to make clear that the resemblance to the original game is very high, even if it's not an exact clone,” the developer wrote. “I’ve credited Terry Cavanagh everywhere I could, and I don't want my game to be competition, but a tribute to his work. I got his permission to make a ‘Super Hexagon inspired game’, I just hope this is not stretching it.”
Cavanagh wasn’t expecting Super Hexagon to be “cloned on PC” when he’d given Vee Software permission to use his concept. He has expressed disappointment that Open Hexagon beat Super Hexagon to the PC, but he appears to be okay with it.