Steam is cranking up the deals for the fifth day of its Autumn Sale, today discounting Dishonored and Torchlight 2 50 percent, for $30 and $10, respectively. The remaining games are each 75 percent off: Civilization 5($7.50), Orcs Must Die! 2 ($3.75), Batman Arkham City GOTY ($7.50) and Sonic Generations ($7.50).

Yesterday's deals are still on sale today, for another 23 hours. These still include Borderlands 2 for $30, Deus Ex: Human Revolution for $5 and Mark of the Ninja for $7.50, among others. Indie games on the cheap right now includeTiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers for $5, Bit.Trip Beat for $4, Home for $1 and Edmund McMillen's Basement Collection for $2.

Of course there are flash sales throughout the day, and boy are those generally hot. They're hot flashes, if you will.