The FSD team today release its new version of freestyle dashboard that includes its new gaming system network LiNK.
The day you have been waiting has finally arrived, the team is proud of FSD releaser F3 with more new LiNK Web plug-in for open beta testing. Keep in mind that this is a beta, it is not 100%, but not far from being finished.
We still have some features to implement, but we thought she was not ready for the public. Bugs should be reported on RealModScene. 's new / fixed: - Increase stability Scan - Increased stability in the game list - Added integration LiNK - Remove Xlink Kai - Added integration plug Web-in If you use the automatic update. The installer will prompt you to press any key to restart F3 instead of completely turn off your console. WebUI - This new version includes LiNK but WebUI that allows you to obtain information about the game play and information systems during game play to access the new interface, enter the IP of your Xbox in your browser on port 9999 (eg From there, you can take screenshots and save them on your computer by clicking. Kash Thanks for the information. Freestyle Dashboard Official website: