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Thread: PSPFlash-Card v0.3

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    Default PSPFlash-Card v0.3

    Here is the long overdue update to my PSP Flash-Card program. It is designed for students to memorize all of the "important" facts that we all need to know to pass tests.

    For this version, there are two updates to improve usability.

    - First there is a new Definition mode, that allows you to see the definition and guess the terms that they define.
    - Second there is a new "batch mode" that shows the cards in groups of 5, so that the hard to remember terms are repeated more often when you get them wrong. This version uses a "replenishing" system, where there is a deck of waiting cards that fills the batch all the time. That way you'll see the trouble cards at least ones every batch size.

    The two new functions are controlled with the L and R trigger buttons.

    This version is still skinnable, so have fun and go wild. (845KiB) for eLoader/1.0 users (845KiB) kxploited for PSP firmware 1.5 and friends

    The screen shot is similar to 0.2. The screen shot and download via comments.

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    Wow this is great thanx. This will really help me in my A-levels.

    Great work.

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    hey man does this work with 3.40oe-a?

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