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There’s still about 5 minutes left of Tuesday at the time of writing this so yes its time for yet another Tuesday-tan update. Today we’ll pay a visit to the last of the this-gen console-tans, PS3-tan. I had a good bunch of pictures of PS3-tan but I cant reach most of them so these 3 will have to do, I might do an addendum to this post some time later.

PS3-tan is commonly depicted with the design you see above, with a tight short black dress or as a small gothic lolita girl as seen below. When as a grown-up she’s often bragging about her measurements to the rest of the console-tans, specially to Wii-tan, to whom she has a personal vendetta. The rest of the consoles usually tease her about having a huge bust size (again, as a sign of high specs). PS3-tan is also quite narcissistic and she’s usually seen staring at herself in the mirror (screenshot carnival anyone?) instead of playing with the rest of the console-tans.

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