Hotels and video games aren't a natural fit, so now that UK retailer GAME is inviting people to stay in a hotel suite specially designed to suit a gamer's needs, our eyebrows are raised. The inevitable title of this gamified accommodation? The GAME Pad, of course.

GAME is only trying out the one Pad at the moment, located at a Stalybridge Suites hotel in London. On top of an en-suite kitchen and king-size bed, the Pad is decked out like a gamer's den, with GAME describing it as the "ultimate gaming experience."

There's a Wii U and a PS3 in the lounge area, and an Xbox 360 in the bedroom. Each console is attached to its own 40-inch TV, and comes with the top 10 charting games for that system. With so much gaming to hand, the idea is clearly to make guests feel like they don't have to move from their butt-sized indentations for the entire night. The room is also pre-loaded with snacks, drinks (including booze), and four pizzas, as well as breakfast in the morning. It doesn't come cheap, though, with one night's stay priced at 199 ($320), with multiple nights bookable.