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Thread: Howto Guide for 3.0x oe With LUAPlayer

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    psp Howto Guide for 3.0x oe With LUAPlayer

    via romero126

    I have noticed a large amount of complaints about not being able to run LUAPlayer on your PSP using the firmware 3.03oe-b.

    So here is a quick Guide to doing so.
    There are two guides so read carefully.

    Guide 1
    This is the easy way to install 1.50 homebrew but only works if there is an eboot in the /PSP/GAME folder.

    Put your 1.50 homebrew in the folder

    Either put your 3.03 homebrew in the folder or Create a folder named "__SCE__"

    Guide 2
    Quickly power off your PSP
    So that your PSP completly reboots. It will show the "Sony Entertainment" logo.Quote:
    Note if you are having problems completly turning of your PSP unplug the PSP and remove the battery.

    Quickly hold down the RTrigger.
    This will bring up the built in recovery console in 3.0x oe

    Select Configuration and press (X)
    This will bring you to a submenu. It will allow you to adjust your 3.0xOE to suit your own needs.

    Skip SCE logo (currently: enabled/disabled)
    Hide corrupt icons (currently: enabled/disabled)
    Game folder homebrew (currently: 3.03 Kernel)
    Autorun program at /PSP/Game/BOOT/EBOOT.PBP
    Use NO-UMD (currently: enabled/disabled)
    Fake region (currently: enabled/disabled)
    Free UMD region (currently: enabled/disabled)

    Click on Game folder homebrew

    Note: If its already on 1.50 Kernel then there SOMETHING WRONG

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    I have been able to run it since i got 3.03 OE C. So no trouble for me

    PSN ID: splodger15

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    Oh, wraggster, why are you propagating garbage posts?

    This was posted on as an answer to a question that romero126 didn't understand.

    I had previously asked several questions about running LUA in the 3.03 KERNEL and romero126 thought that I just couldn't figure out how to run homebrew under 3.03OE.

    Here's my follow-up to this post:
    Quote Originally Posted by psyberjock
    Are you referring to me as the person who's complaining? If so, I must point out that you have completely misunderstood my request (since I never actually complained it is more of a request).

    I know how to run 1.50 homebrew on 3.03EO-B. That is not a problem. Indeed LUAplayer is 1.50 software and that is precisely the problem. I do not want LUA to run under the 1.50 KERNEL (maybe you should study that word, cause I think it's the one that's confusing you), I want it to run under the 3.03 KERNEL.

    I need to access prx's in LUA that are only available to the 3.0x KERNEL, and that can only be done under the GAME303 folder. To do so, I need LUA to be able to run under the GAME303 folder. Because of this, I have asked if anyone knew of a way of doing so, then in a different thread I requested that the functionality be implemented.

    That being said, I hope no one mistakes your thread as an answer to my problem. I still can not run LUA under the GAME303 folder, which is REQUIRED by the usbgps.prx.
    What's more, this thread pretty much died on Jan 22. Someone later asked a somewhat related question, but one that was still unhelpful to me in my search.

    While a decent guide for noobs with problems comprehending electricity and ON/OFF switches. It's not terribly newsworthy.

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