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    psp RCO Swapper

    New release from Daveychan:

    "RCO Swapper" is a handy little utility that lets you change the first row of names on your XMB menu without needing to manually hexedit or run scary patches.

    Simply put "RCO Swapper.exe" and your "topmenu_plugin.rco" file in the same directory, run "RCO Swapper", edit the menu names the way you like, and click the "!Swap It!" button. Your topmenu_plugin file is now swapped with your custom names!

    A few small simple things to know when you run this easy-to-use proggy:

    1. If you don't have the "topmenu_plugin.rco" file in the same directory, you get the boot.
    2. Yes, you can use a customized topmenu_plugin file where you have already changed the icons.
    3. You are limited to the same number of characters as the orignal text. For example, the menu item "Game" has four characters ("G", "a", "m", and "e"), you cannot use five characters for your new name.
    4. If the menu has eight characters, for example "Settings", you must enter eight replacement characters, that's one new character for each original character. Yes, using a SPACE is fine to fill in any un-used characters. For example, "Game" has four characters, so if you enter "Toy", you must use a SPACE character for the missing fourth character "e". If you don't enter enough characters, you get the boot.
    5. You can only do this one time! A directory called "Backup" will be created in the same directory as the program, and a backup of your original "topmenu_plugin.rco" is copied there. (In case you want to change the names again later using this ORIGINAL file.)
    6. The "topmenu_plugin.rco" file now has it's menu names swapped. Use your favorite PSP utility to flash the new file to your PSP. If you are nervous about flashing it, simply replace the "topmenu_plugin.rco" file in your Devhook directory (for example: DH\302\f0\vsh\resource) to test it out before you flash.
    7. As with any homebrew application involving flashing, nobody is responsible for things that go wrong with your PSP except you!

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments
    via daveychan

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    This sounds useful. I'll try this out now.

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    it's seem so easy
    so scared of a brick so I never flash stuff like this only 303 OE!
    but I can try with Dev Hook!!
    many thanks!!

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    Works quick and easy with PSPFiler.

    *edit* With 3.03 OE-C.

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