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Thread: PS2, DS Real Console War Winners

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    General games PS2, DS Real Console War Winners

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    Paradox writes in with a link to an MSNBC article that shouldn't be too surprising for anyone: the real winners of the console war are the DS and the PS2. Boasting numbers unmatchable by the johnny-come-lately next-gen consoles, the PS2 and Nintendo DS each sold about 1.5 Million units last December. Article author Kristin Kalning points out the reality: given the high quality of gaming in general nowadays, the low prices and rich libraries of these 'venerable' systems will see them in circulation for some time to come. Given the success of last-gen consoles, what are your plans regarding gaming systems? Are you holding out for price drops, or considering buying one of the older systems now that they're considerably less expensive?

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    the most logical thing to do is to own a PS2, a PSP and an XBOX 360. which speaks in volumes to me since i happen to own all three. i believe the PS2 will the best games, the PSP has all the functionality (wink) and the XBOX 360 has the affordability and all the XBOX Live goodness you can't find anywhere else (PS3 = $$$, Playstation Online? come on it's a joke).

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