Scaled down itís not as obvious that this image isnít a crystal clear rendering of Mortal Kombat gameplay. But weíve linked it to the full size version (just click on the image) so that you can get a better look. Notice the scan lines? This is the result of an effort to more accurately mimic the original hardware displays used in classic games. [Jason Scott] takes a look at the initiative by describing what he thinks is missing with the picture perfect quality of modern emulators.
One such effort is being mounted for MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator). There is a series of filters available ó each with their own collection of settings ó that will make your modern LCD display look like itís a run-of-the-mill CRT. This is a novelty if youíre a casual gamer who dusts off the coin-op favorites twice a year. But if youíre building a standalone game cabinet this may be a suitable alternative to sourcing a working display thatís already decades old.