On the cheap

APPLE TV (2012)

Yes, there are plenty of other media streamers out there -- at lower price points, no less -- but if you're already inside Apple's content ecosystem, this compact box deserves a place under your TV. AirPlay streaming ports content from your iPad, iPhone or iPod to the big screen, and integration with Hulu and Netflix -- plus Digital Copy support -- gives you access to endless media options.
Key specs: A5 processor, 512MB of RAM, 1080p, 802.11a/g/b/n.
Price: $89 on Amazon

'Marvel's The Avengers' Blu-ray

The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and, you know, the other ones team up to defeat Earth's greatest threat. If you're looking for a disc to show off your new home theater system come December 25th, this is the one.
Price: $35 on Amazon

'The Dark Knight Rises' limited-edition cowl pack

If you've been practicing your gravelly voice for the release of "The Dark Knight Rises," then surely you need a replica cowl to finish off the impersonation. That's where this limited-edition Blu-ray set comes in, with a Bane-damaged mask to call your very own.
Update: Looks like it's already sold-out, so if you missed it, it'll now cost you $160 from a collector!
Price: $36 on Amazon



While it's a little more expensive than your average Blu-ray player, there's no doubt that it's the best-equipped option. The third major revision to Sony's PlayStation 3 hardware isn't the most exciting or fresh (we're expecting the PS 4 within the next 18 months), but if you want a device to stash under your TV that'll keep everyone entertained with any media you can throw at it, there are few players that offer as much bang for your buck.
Key specs: 250GB hard drive, bundled Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception game, free PlayStation Network membership, 7.5 pounds.
Price: $260 on Amazon

Panasonic BDT220

Fancy a Blu-ray player that lets you connect to Facebook, Hulu, Netflix and Skype? The BDT220 offers that, plus the ability to convert regular discs to 3D. DLNA capability is on board, and you can use your smartphone as a remote.
Price: $99 on Amazon

Yamaha YHT-697BL Home Theater

Yamaha's new five-speaker home theater-in-a-box will play nice with every gadget in your arsenal. In addition to the usual features like a 100W subwoofer, it has an Ethernet port, AirPlay, pass-through 4K and 3D video, DLNA and a front-facing USB port.
Price: $650 on Amazon

Money's no object


If you aren't a Major League Baseball player, spending $25,000 on an HDTV might seem a tad excessive. And indeed, this 84-inch panel is super-size in every way: it's four times as dense as your average 1080p display, with built-in WiFi and full HD 3D. Of course, it's probably worth reiterating that it's 84 inches -- that's just about the size of a double bed. That said, there's really no better (or bigger) way to show someone you love them if you've got the dough to spare.
Key specs: 4K resolution, 50W sound, capable of presenting two full HD screens for two-player games with SimulView.
Price: $25,000 from Sony

Samsung UN60ES8000 HDTV

Capable of running a variety of apps (including Facebook and Twitter) and sporting a built-in webcam and a classy design, Samsung's super-skinny, 60-inch Smart TV is destined to improve any room you decide to hang it in.
Price: $2,998 on Amazon

Sony VPL-HW50ES Projector

For discerning cinephiles who want to enjoy movies on a 100-inch wall rather than a 40-inch screen, a projector's the only way to go. Sony's 3D unit will spray 1080p visuals across any flat surface, with a 1,700-lumen bulb keeping colors vivid.
Price: $3,998 on Amazon