A New firmware has been released for the DS Linker flash cart, heres whats new:

New feature:
# 1.Fixed the problem of Pocket Mater black screen when enter underground world.
# 2.Adjusted the icon of 3D menu speed.
# 3.Fixed the "goto Menu" problem.
# 4.Fixed some FAT file system problem, so DSLinker need to be formated after upgrade.
# 5.Now, hold SELECT can pass through to 3D menu when DSLiner Writer is in slot 2. (for USB 2.0 Writer only)
# 6.With this new function, NDS console can be a USB pad with DSPAD program. This USB pad can work with all PC game.(for USB 2.0 Writer only)
# 7.Added /DSYSTEM/AUTORUN.BIN file, it's a USB plug-in, use hold SELECT pass through to 3D menu, system will run AUTORUN.BIN automatic.(for USB 2.0 Writer only)

Usage: Please follow the "readme" file in the package to update the firmware of DSLinker.

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