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Thread: 'Vaio PS3' would appeal to right people, says Sonic Team boss

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    ps3 'Vaio PS3' would appeal to right people, says Sonic Team boss

    Sonic Team boss and director of Sonic and the Secret Rings, Yogiro Ogawa, cites the PS3 as "very expensive", in a recent interview with CVG.

    When asked if he thought the features the PS3 offer are worth the hefty price tag, Ogawa replied: "Now I think that if Sony had sold the PS3 alongside the Vaio brand, maybe like calling it the 'Vaio PS3' or something like that, it may have been more appealing to the right people.

    "I think that the way in which Sony has chosen to approach the PS3 could have been better. It's very expensive."

    He does however give Nintendo the thumbs up, saying: "If you look at videogame history, Nintendo hardware always extends on what we have. They design, develop and create new toys." He later cites the Wii Remote as "a fun device to design games for" due to it's innovation and the new challenges is poses for developers.

    via cvg

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    i think the PS3 should get a controler like the Wii later on and that will bring alot of people to it ... Realy good grapics games ... Good Gameplay and also now u can play it like the Wii on "some games" ... would make the PS3 a bit crap if it went 2 all games coz some of them wouldnt have good game play that way like GTA unless its for some missions

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