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Thread: Kingdom Hearts shipments top 10 million

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    ps2 Kingdom Hearts shipments top 10 million

    More than four years after the first Kingdom Hearts game was released, Square Enix has announced that the number of games in the series shipped around the globe has now topped 10 million.

    Around 1.5 million units of the original PS2 game have been shipped to Japan, compared to 3 million for North America and 1.1 million for Europe and other PAL territories.

    Figures for Game Boy Advance title Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories stand at 400,000 for Japan, 900,000 for North America and 200,000 for PAL regions.

    And finally, around 1.1 million copies of PS2 sequel Kingdom Hearts 2 have been shipped to Japan, while the figures for the US and PAL stand at 1.7 million and 700,000 respectively.

    The original Kingdom Hearts launched in Japan in March 2002, with North American and European releases following towards the latter half of the same year. Featuring characters and environments from both the Final Fantasy series and Disney films, it was a hit around the globe.

    The GBA game was first released in December 2004 and the PS2 sequel arrived one year later - although European gamers had to wait more than nine months for a PAL release.

    Following the announcement of the new shipment figure, series producer Shinji Hashimoto confirmed that more instalments are planned. "When we first started developing Kingdom Hearts, we never imagined we would pass the 10 million mark so quickly," he revealed.

    "We are delighted and extremely grateful for the support from our fans around the globe. We hope to continue to provide games which fulfill your anticipation in the future."

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