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Thread: Dreamcast drive, or potentially motherboard problem. Bit of an odd one!

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    Angry Dreamcast drive, or potentially motherboard problem. Bit of an odd one!

    Hi there guys

    Had a couple of Dreamcasts in the past, and just bought another one, but seem to be having a couple of issues with this one.

    Initially when I bought it, it loaded games and worked fine, however, after the first game I tried it has now decided to not read any disks what-so-ever.

    See the video below, but when I try to load any games / music cds, the laser tries to read the disk a few times, and spins the disk up, then it eventually gives up and just sits at the logo screen for 5 minutes.

    Eventually it gets to the home screen, but you can't play the game from there, or listen to an audio cd.

    I've taken the dreamcast to pieces, and put it back together, i've fiddled with the laser adjustment pot a tiny bit. I've also cleaned the laser.

    Bit odd that it takes so long to get into the bios screen- trying to work out if this is a motherboard issue, or a laser issue.

    It did come with a bit of a dodgy Av lead, but I don't know if fiddling about with that at the back will have affected the Dreamcast, I doubt it...

    Any idea whats wrong? The laser did seem fine to begin with, and play games perfectly, but now I get absolutely nothing! It doesn't seem as if the laser is struggling, it just sort of gives up!
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    Not sure, for my Dreamcast, once in a while it stops reading discs and I change the laser by a new one which yet can be found here

    I see lasers in new condition is really hard to find nowadays. Maybe the stock from that shop is the only one remaining since it is not a site everyone knows (they are closing soon). I know them because they are ship from my country, but even not very much people from Spain knows about that store.

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    Don't buy a new GDRom! I have found a simple fix that has worked for me and two of my friends who had this problem. It is usually just a GDRom calibration issue.

    See this video on how to fix it. All you need is a screwdriver and some needle nose pliers. Nothing can really go wrong as long as you watch the video first, and make sure you listen.

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