New release from pasky13 of his Database editor for Weltalls Cheat device:

Whats New In V1.40:

CWcheat POPs Database Editor and CWcheat Standard Database Editor are now in one complete package! Simply switch between editing modes through the CONFIGURE menu.
PEC Database Converter now built into CWcheat Database Editor. It should no longer freeze in game when loading the converted database since the strings converted are no longer greater than 32 characters in length. The PEC Database Converter can be found under the TOOLS menu.
Minor bug fixes.
Cosmetic improvements.

I have three goals in mind with this program:

Easy and painless editing of Weltall's CWcheat databases.
Cosmetically pleasing. No one likes a bajillion icons and buttons all over their forms.
A Small footprint. This one is very important to myself. I always frown upon developers who create install shields for programs that don't warrant the necessity for them. A installshield is not required when all you are doing is putting 'x' file into 'y' folder. Usually when uninstalling these simple programs, lots of registry entries are created and left behind when uninstalling that the casual user doesn't know about. Having an installer for the coolness factor is not the route to go. Besides, who doesn't mind a single file that is under 250KB and has so much functionality, just run it and go!

I have a few more features planned for the program and I plan to implement them in the near future.

As usual it requires the Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework which can be gotten directory from Microsoft at their website:

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