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(*) A positive transaction is one which has received positive feedback from the buyer. To be eligible for the bonus, you can be either the seller or the buyer, so long as the transaction is successfully completed to the buyer's satisfaction.

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What is Goozex and how does it work?

Goozex is the new innovative system developed and tested by video-gamers for video-gamers. Goozex provides a unique trading platform that allows peer-to-multi-peer trading of physical goods. The company delivers the following services:
  • Peer-to-multi-peer trading platform
  • Community experience
  • Video game reviews and multi-media information on the products
The system allows users to trade their video games in exchange for Goozex points, which can then be used to receive video games from other users. This helps gamers avoid paying enormous amounts of cash for games. Goozex runs on an internal currency that is dictated by points that are assigned to each game. The only payment that members make to Goozex is a payment of $1 transaction fee for each video game they receive. Learn more!

The following is how to register for free and what you get when you sign up:
  1. Signup on Goozex
  2. At signup use coupon Code: DCEmu-Reviews
  3. Once registered, you get 1 FREE TRADE immediately.
  4. Once you have received one positive feedback, you get an additional 100 points!

Deadline: July 31, 2007

Those interested in getting rid of console games that they have been trying to get rid of and want to get games that they want, this is a great and easy service. Depending on games and points value, you can swap games evenly without having to spend extra money. There is no support for retro systems such as NES, SNES, etc. but may be available in the future. Unfortunately, this is only available to residents in the US, Canada and Bermuda due to region and compatibility of consoles (REGION 1; NTSC).