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    Default MStoMS 1.1

    What we can achieve with this Homebrew is able to copy and paste files or folders from a memory stick to another using only your same PSP without the intervention of a PC on our side for this process and what is better without need for the memory stick where you think transferring the files have this installed application. In addition you can also delete and rename files.
    Signed application. (It can be used from a PSP with OFW).
    You can delete, copy and rename files, as well as create new folders.
    You can copy files up to 50 MB in CFW (PSP not FAT).
    You can copy files up to 20 MB in OFW or PSP FAT.
    I have changed the English version for use with the default X/O buttons.
    Gladly we offer the Spanish translation of this excellent application, thanks to gdljjrod. (Version not signed v1.0).
    Digital pad up, down: scroll between options in the file browser.
    X: choosing option selected.
    O: cancel / upload directory.
    Triangle: Drop down menu.
    Trigger a: select all files in the same directory. (V1.1).
    Trigger L: wipe selected files. (V1.1).
    Square: Allows you to select one or more files to copy. (V1.1).
    Note: This process may vary according to the size of the file especially the times that you asked to make the exchange of the memory stick, can increase the frequency that you will have to exchange them.
    MStoMS v1.1 Changes:
    Now the homebrew works on libmenu instead of Intrafont.
    Now more files can be transferred at a time.
    The button has been changed or confirmation by the X button in the English version.
    Correction of adjustments and changed the graphical interface.
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