Deank proposes a new version of its PS3 Manager (formerly AVCHD / Game Manager), a mod manager that combines open and Simple AVCHD Manager Open and thereby initiate backups but also watch videos in AVCHD format and a manager files.

New / fixed: - Support of packages / files downloaded from the Web column - Fixed some issues (rename / delete) while using the menu "Game Settings" (after using L1/R1 to change game) - redesign of some main functions and performance improvement Multiman - Return of the [Install Package Files] in Settings for CFW 4.30 - Increase the speed of loading of the menu "Game Settings" - Change the animated fonts, more faster for some - Verification will game by game and not by lot and the result will be stored thanks to Pink Floyd for the information. Multiman 4.14.00 FULL Cex Cex Base Multiman 4.17.00 Update Cex 04/18/00 Multiman Multiman stealthMAN 18/04/00 Cex Cex BARE Multiman 4.17.04 Multiman 4.17.00 Base Dex Dex Multiman 4.18.00 Update installpkg Lastgame Replacement SingStar