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Thread: XMB Wave Tutorial

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    psp XMB Wave Tutorial

    Sepreath posted a great XMB tutorial, here it is:

    [0.1] Introduction
    [0.2] Needed Stuff
    [0.3] Thanks
    [1.1] The Guide Starts
    [1.2] Offsets

    Ok, I'm bored so I thought I'd write a nice tut on how to hex your own XMB wave. This is
    my first tut so please bear with me if something isn't too clear.

    Here is an example of what you can make:

    You need:
    XMBWave editor click me
    Common sense
    Hopfully some hex skills
    A hex editor

    Thanks to:

    XMBwave readme wrote:
    icon-coder by kgsws
    orignally found by DarkStone
    bat file by vb_master

    I don't really want to baby-walk you through this. Instead I'll give you the constraints as
    it were and let you run riot with your own designs

    So first off copy your original system_plugin_bg.rco from you PSP and back it up to your
    computer. It is found in Flash0:/vsh/resource. Also backup the system_plugin_bg_deflate.bin
    that cam with the XMBWave package. It'll save you some headaches later on!

    The offsets that I know of, in decimal, are:
    528 => 946 controls the shape of the wave, very easily ruined! Or made crazy.
    7653 => 7766 appears to control the width of the waves. My bad, it controls colour and contrast not width
    7767 => 7841 => controls the colour of the waves.

    For the shape if you go too wild you can 'break' the wave. In other words it won't
    show up at all. Not sure what causes it here but the compiled system_plugin_bg
    must be exactly 40.8kb On the shape I can't offer any advice because I havn't yet
    figured it out fully.

    The width is in pairs of three increasing from 01 01 01. Again I'm not fully sure how
    this works but I have an idea. Obviously the higher the number the thicker the line.
    Your limits are 01 through FF. I think that each triplet controls a wave each. The
    whole wave being comprised of lots of smaller waves.

    The colour is also set out in triplets. The numbers here represent a shade of grey,
    the lower the number the darker the grey. Your constraints here are 01 through 3F.
    You can inject colour into the triplets in an 'inverted' RGB style.

    For example the first bit of colour you are given is 27 27 27 which is a medium grey.
    Change the first byte to FF to turn this section blue. So it would be FF 27 27. Green
    would be the middle byte and red the last. Only editing one triplet will give little colour
    as each triplet only controls a small part of the wave. You can't have all of the bytes
    as FF FF FF to get white, it doesn't work like that. You would use 3F as white. So
    3F 3F 3F would be white. You can however, use two sets of FF. So to make pink it would
    be FF 27 FF.

    It's got more confusing 7653 => 7766 also controls colour. FF FF FF works for white in
    some instances between 7653 and 7841 but not others, which is wierd.

    7653 => 7766 doesn't actually affect the width of the line but the colour and the contrast
    which made the line appear thicker. Sorry that was my bad.

    I hope this is useful / helpful to people. Please check back here.

    Download XMBWave and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    Am I the only person who thinks these look like crap? It looks good to begin with. I can't help but think these people are only changing the waves for the sake of it.

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    No man,you aren't the only one...This is good,It's ok...but for people like me..nah.I prefer to have a Wallpaper than this.

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    I like this tutorial, I've always wondered whitch place in the system_plugin_bg_deflate.bin file to edit and change the colour of the waves.

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    i've had a play with this my self and made a few new waves and been following the forum thread, but now its just over my head, and really can't be botherd with complicated HEXING and SIN wave forms that seem to be deeming rules in the shapes of the waves ( so far as i can tell from what others have said )

    Definatly one for the Very Advanced people, not NOOB friendly, none the less awsome tho !

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    ya i dont like em that much but maby some1 will make some realy kool ones for us:P

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    Hey guys I just learned how to make my own custom waves. This is pretty cool, even though this is my first time using a hex editor.

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    The only way I wil change mine, is if the PS3 one comes out...

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    Talking Addicted to modding..


    I'm just addicted to customizing it. Got my transparent faceplate yesterday.. Wonder if I can get some LEDs small enough to go inside..

    Thanks for that guide.. I'll play around with the shape soon.. Last time I tried I got some weird 3D spectrum sort of thing.

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