Part 3 of the excellent article about an RTS game that will hopefully arrive on PSP:

via PSPfanboy

Tiki Games is currently developing a PSP-exclusive RTS game called "Galaxy's End." Read more about the trials and tribulations of being an upstart developer in this three-part series by Tiki Games President Kevin J. McCann. See part 1 of the feature here. See part 2 of the feature here.

That said we've recently begun to get some interest both from potential investors to major publishers. One of the publishers even contacted me due to Galaxy's End appearing on PSP Fanboy so thanks to Andrew (and thanks to Joe who originally passed us along). Toward the end of 2006 I was concerned that Galaxy's End may not see the light of day (not to mention financial concerns since Tiki Games is self-funded). But now I'm feeling a bit more optimistic (a somewhat dangerous thing to feel, but it helps) that we're finally getting close to landing a real contract.

I'd also like to thank the various posters at PSP Fanboy (and other forums) that have responded positively toward the little glimpse of Galaxy's End. It's reaffirming for us at Tiki Games to see largely positive feedback toward our game from our intended customer-base.

For those of you that feel the RTS genre can't be done justice due to potential control issues on the PSP we (and the publishers that have seen our game) feel the controls are solid. The key is designing the game from the ground-up with the PSP in mind specifically designing with its controls and screen dimensions in mind. Not simply porting a PC RTS to a handheld instead taking the most popular elements of the RTS and "translating" them to a handheld, while adding a few innovations/improvements of our own.

Likewise for those of you wanting Blizzard's WarCraft/StarCraft or EA's C&C series give us a try. We're aiming to surprise you with a solid RTS experience on a handheld. Besides, those guys are doing well already!

While Galaxy's End future is still uncertain, hopefully we'll secure a publishing deal soon. Your enthusiasm and spreading the word does indeed help. Thanks again.

Read the full article in 3 parts at link above, lets hope the PSP community can get this release on the PSP