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Thread: Japan Mehs Virtua Fighter 5

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    ps3 Japan Mehs Virtua Fighter 5

    Early reports are that Virtua Fighter 5 isn't exactly flying off store shelves. AsoBitCity in Akihabara had a hands-on for customers that was so slow, a Sega employee apparently killed time by playing the title alone. And why should it be a hit? Sure, VF hasn't really matter to most Western gamers since, oh, 1997, but the game has a huge following in Japan. Thing is, people aren't going to buy an arcade port that doesn't feature online when they can play with other people at their local arcade. Perhaps Sega thought the hardcore would buy their online-less game to practice at home and then play at a game center? Guess not.

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    That's not surprising in the least; Sega, screwing something up? Come on Sega, how much failure must you endure until you wise up?

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