last week's Pokémon X & Y announcement was similar to the news that Royals Wills and Kate are expecting a baby. We were all expecting it would happen eventually, but that didn't stop parts of their fanbase almost losing their minds when it did.
It's understandable, because for many gamers of a certain generation Pokémon is a reliable constant, a series that continues to offer the same addictive, OCD-itching gameplay they remember from their childhoods without succumbing too much to modern gaming's need for extra bells and whistles.Have a look at Pokémon Red and Blue on the humble Game Boy, then take a gander at last year's Pokémon Black & White 2. Other than the inevitable need to improve graphically, both share very similar core gameplay. Appropriately, given the game's subject matter, every Pokémon game has been an evolution rather than a revolution - and despite offering the biggest graphical kick up the backside the series has seen to date, Pokémon X & Y will continue this tradition.