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Thread: New PlayStation Store stuff released just for you!

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    ps3 New PlayStation Store stuff released just for you!

    via ps3fanboy

    Yes, just for you. Exactly like how those Girls Gone Wild commercials say that "these girls can't wait to get naked just for you" -- don't believe us? Watch Comedy Central after the Colbert Report. Sorry, claims like that are really annoying. It's just for me, not you. Anyway, the PS-Store has released a few new things for you to enjoy. Sadly, no demos. But there is a PS-One classic for your PSP!

    If you just can't wait for flOw, there's an HD video up for download and what can we say? It looks darn sexy. Sounds sexy, too. There's also a new game for the PSP, 2 Xtreme, which some could say is the sequel to a cult hit. There's also a movie trailer for Lucky You, but whatever. Maybe after the European launch we'll see some demos. Until then, we're counting the days to flOw and that rubber duckie game... Super Rub-a-Dub. Best idea ever. This yellow duckie can't wait to take a bath, just for you!

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