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He not only answered questions, but he even said things that he probably shouldn't have said, like when asked what he's been playing, he replied: "The next version of LocoRoco which... I can't really talk about because we haven't announced it." Nice. Well, let's make a list of other questions and answers that were pretty important.

What will the PS3 do to reach out to casual gamers?
"Something we've done successfully in Europe is something we've coined 'social gaming.' We've had great success with SingStar and EyeToy, which combined is over a $500 million category - Singstar has sold 7 million units." He then demonstrates Singstar (I wonder if he was any good!) and talks about an upcoming PS3 iteration that goes online. The SingStore concept will allow you to buy songs off of the PS-Store to use in the game. Neat!
What's up with the apparent lack of developer support?
Some key technical documents and information originate in Japan and don't flow very easily to other parts of the world. Harrison also notes that many of the critical PS3 components were created in English-speaking parts of the world.
Are you planning to improve the PlayStation Store to better compare with XBox Live?
Harrison says: "The launch of a platform like PS3 is not a fixed specification the day you buy the console. The chipset stays the same but what it does in software changes over time. We'll continue to refine [the PlayStation 3 Network], not just for developer experience, but for consumers too. This year we'll be adding some functionality to the PSP that will unify our approach."
So... why's it taking so long for the PSP to get some creativity? You said it would be a console in the palm of your hand. What gives?
Phil was pretty direct here. "I don't mean to belittle developers, but we've only managed to recreate PS2 in the palm in your hand. I think we can go deeper, I think we can explore more features of the machine, connectivity, social aspects, media aspects, and integrate it into game design that is unique to that format. It's not a missed opportunity so much as a future opportunity."

All right. Well said, Phil Harrison. We'll keep mental tabs on the things you've said and make sure that at least some of the promises are achieved. Anyone think these goals are possible? Impossible? Useless? Useful? Question number five?