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Thread: Space SHark Alpha Release

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    psp Space SHark Alpha Release

    New from Blackshark

    Hi guys!

    just wanted to give you guys a heads up on what I've been up to.
    So im here to release an early Alpha of what I've been doing, for two reasons mostly,
    1. to see how you guys like it so far,
    2. To see if I can get some help with the'll see.....

    you can use the analogue stick or the directional pad for moving,
    R is to fire
    Triangle is for music off
    Circle is for music on,
    that is basically it for not,

    Note that the charge shot does not fire any thing yet, to make the bar rise as if you were doing a charge shot though, hold both L and R.


    Time Trial
    so far only the Time Trial mode is really "done" sort of, its definitely playable
    you have to shoot the Invincible enemies as many times as you can in 1 minute, the more times you hit them, the more your score goes up, be careful, they shoot back.....

    Not even done yet, you can enter it, but, theres only two guys, there to shoot, and when they die nothing happens yet, don't worry, won't remain this way forever :P press Start to go back to menu from here.

    ETA or Escape the Asteroids
    Still working on this as well, there are no asteroids yet :P, use the analogue to go to the TOP of the screen, currently the only way to exit. this should be an interesting mode when finished!

    Not even started yet :P this will be like the classic space game, were the enemies are in a row, and they move side to side, when they hit a side, the move down, this will have many speeds as you move from level to level!

    Thats all for modes for now,
    there is also a name impute and Scoring system, you can view the high score for each game mode and WHO set them! (maybe your friend beat your score and now you got to teach him who's Boss)

    I plan for Multi player modes, but mostly just 2 to 1 PSP, Im not so sure about wifi, unless you would like to code it for me, it most likely won't happen in time for the PXP compo. But maybe in even later versions, that way it would make good use of the name system, so you can know WHO you are beating down ...

    also Almost for get to mention, there is a Ship selector, there's only a few for now, but I have a couple more to add, (Credit Goes ALL to comeonfhqwhgads for those ships, Thank you so much dude!, I couldn't stand my Paint creations any longer!)

    So I Need from you guys feedback!, please...

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    hmmm! kinda looks boring lol but i like to try new homebrew thx :thumbup:

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    Hey im pretty dammed good at making gfx and sfx so if you need me holla

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    Excellent! I know BlackShark from the ZDaemon Community, so to see him working on projects like this is excellent Yes, for some early development this looks pretty awesome (shame on you, Mc_Logical! Can you make better? ), and seeing as it can only improve, I can expect great things from him

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