Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream could be working on a PlayStation 4 game codenamed 'Singularity'.
That's if a recently registered domain, 'SingularityPS4.com' turns out to be as revealing as it seems.In May 2012 a trusted senior development source told CVG that the Paris studio was working on two separate mystery projects- one confirmed as Beyond: Two Souls, and the other still yet to be revealed.
But offering what could be the first nugget of information pertaining to that second mystery title,Superannuation has uncovered a mid-November registration for the 'singularityps4.com' belonging to Quantic Dream, seemingly hinting at a next-gen project titled 'Singularity'.
The domain adheres to Quantic Dream's prior practices with domain names - specifically the title followed by its intended platform; it currently uses 'heavyrainPS3.com' and, for its upcoming title, 'beyondps3.com'.
And as Superannuation points out, in interviews discussing his 2012 PS3 Kara tech demo, QD boss David Cage reveals his admiration of American author Ray Kurzweil and his 2005 book 'The Singularity is Near'.
In the book, Kurzweil theorises a 'technological singularity' coming in the near future - a time in which humans are able to enhance the abilities of their bodies and minds with advanced technological augmentations.
Whilst QD's mystery game could draw influences from Kurweil's work, 'Singularity' is unlikely to be the final game name since it's also the copyrighted title of the Activision/Raven Software FPS released in 2010.
On a side note, the domain also hints that Sony will stick with its hardware naming conventions and call its next-gen console 'PlayStation 4'.