Heres the press release:

Freak Out – Extreme Freeride provides the utlimate adrenaline rush on dangerous mountains covered with promising, but unpredictable snow, and cliffs that are worth at least one jump. The fast-paced action is accentuated by one of the most head-banging soundtracks seen in gaming, featuring the acclaimed bands from 3-feet-smaller (, Jellybeat, Alone and Acoustic, Point Leonard and Alien 101!

In Vienna, the band tested and played „their“ freeride sensation: Marcus Smaller (Leadsänger 3 Feet Smaller, Alone and Acoustic and DJ Y (Jellybeat) gave a proof that they are real cracks when riding down virtual mountains with their own tunes as the perfectly matching soundtrack.

Freak Out – Extreme Freeride for PC, PSP and PS2 will be released in March 2007!

Boring, artificial-snow-groomed slopes were yesterday – now it`s time for freeriding, including (virtual) neck-breaking stunts, top speeds and demanding drops – without any rules or boundaries. No frontier, fence or security mesh - just you and the mountains, which are waiting to be conquered with courage and skill.

Transfer huge gaps, do the deadly twist in avalanche territory and snake your way between snow capped trees. All these features combined ensure the best in gameplay and freeskiing fun.

career mode, instant race, multiplayer
6 characters with different abilities
Styles can be adjusted to your own
4 mountains in different landscapes
Freeride mode, race mode and special challenges on each of the mountains
10 different jumps
More than 40 different special equipements (skiers, dresses, boots, helmets, gloves, ski sticks...)
Multiplayer mode via splitscreen and LAN for up to 8 players (PC)
Multiplayer mode on console (Splitscreen)
Generous soundtrack featuring great Punk- and Electronic artists