'D_Skywalk' & 'Estwald' have been released a new version of the open manager,
Changelog 1.52

- Added free space check on HDD copying games
* if size of game is larger than free space on internal HDD + 1GB, the copy is aborted
* if size of game is larger than free space on external USB + 1MB, the copy is aborted
- BD-EMU does not mount the HDD by default (now there are 2 options: old behavior and the default)
- Some parts of the code have been touched (if some hangs occurs on start up)
- The patcher tools have been unified in the same rar file

Changelog 1.51

- Added support for 4.21 DEX
- Removed "PSX unsupported" message when a PSX "ISO" is launched (syscall 8 is required to make it work: LV1 patches are not needed)
- New version of the PSX emulator V2 (ps1_emu_patched2.self, do not rename it)
- Added support for .ISO and .MDF (alcohol) formats for PSX images.
* Images in MODE1/2048, MODE2/2336 and MODE2/2448 (CD-XA) are also supported.
* All the images of the same game must be in the same format.