German Hacking Site PSXTools has posted an interview with the PSVita Hacker SKFU, the interview is in german so heres an english translation:

The famous developer "SKFU" has the ps X tools TEAM given me an interview and asked a few photos. Here are some of the questions are "SKFU" as far as "first" was not answered.

ps X "You have your own exploit for the PS Vita - What can this?"

SKFU: . "I'm working on several different exploits, including some less and others more useful than further to the User Mode I not yet penetrated, this time Sony has not made ​​a very bad job.

For example, the FS (File System) is definitely better than the foreclosed
PlayStation 3, but hopefully only a matter of time Unfortunately, the problem of all current exploits the porting and running on other systems.

Since they are highly adapted to the respective systems on which they run. During PSV was in my view strongly taken to ensure that there is no piracy.

Unfortunately it ignores many other aspects, which Sony has not counted apparently. glad I'd details and give examples but as usual, this would in a short Zeitzu a firmware update which will lead the error of course fixes. wait So until there is a possibility that at . prevent " ps X "Did you unpack / repack tools PSVIMG files." SKFU: "No".

ps X "Do you get help from other programmers of the scene?"

SKFU: "As always, I work closely with IQD, but also with other developers from PSV Scene."

ps X "Do you intend to publish your exploits in the near future?"

SKFU: "As mentioned above may not be published until something if it is certain that it can not be patched. at On a cat and mouse game as VHBL I'm not interested, that would just be too time consuming. " We thank SKFU for answering the questions and the images have been sent. Source: e-mail " Mishka84 (ps X tools TEAM) <-> SKFU "

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