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    psp Capcom Puzzle World

    Newly released today:

    Capcom Puzzle World provides gem-busting mayhem at its best with the cult hit, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo. In addition to the renowned Super Puzzle Fighter II: X gem-breaking mode, two new never-before-released-in-the-US gameplay modes will be added. Gamers can also create custom attack patterns in Counter Gem Edit Mode and hone their skills in Training Mode.

    Block Block is an innovative twist to the block breaking genre. Released for the arcades in 1990, Block Block features a two player co-op mode, allowing for the cooperative destruction of blocks. Also unique to this title is the constantly shrinking paddle that forces players to finish each level as quickly as possible.

    Originally released for the PlayStation® game console, Buster Bros. Collection is a simple, yet extremely challenging puzzle/shooter that gathers Buster Bros., Super Buster Bros. and Buster Buddies. An arcade hit, Buster Bros. has one or two players navigating through more than 50 timed environmental stages, shooting and avoiding an avalanche of giant bubbles. Super Buster Bros. is an updated version of its predecessor, with improved graphics and the inclusion of "Panic Mode" which adds 99 levels of feverish action. Buster Buddies is the most recent version of the series to be released in the arcades, featuring four original characters, different stages and even more bonus items.

    Buy at Play asia

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    My copy of this turned up yesterday!

    I would have got this from Lik Sang but seeing as I no longer have that option I instead took a risk and opted for ebay (it was pretty cheap anyway).

    I got this really purely for the Buster Bro’s collection (or as I prefer Super Pang collection) as I used to love these simple and addictive games in the arcade (and even on the Amiga). I’ve still got the original Pang collection for the ps1 but it never seemed to rip correctly when I tried it with popstation (always missing out the music), but I fancied this new incarnation anyway because of its extra features for the PSP (adhoc mutliplayer, custom background pictures, remixed music, unlockable extras etc ). One thing I've noticed from the Pang trilogy is that on Buster Buddies (Pang 3) the graphics seem to have been tweeked a little bit with better drawn sprites and animated character selection screens!

    The other games on it are ok, Puzzle Fighter is much of the same, while Block Block is just an Arkanoid rip off. I’ve just got to wait now for some mates to also get this game and then its multiplayer pang!

    Does anybody know if th UK release will have the Buster bros games renamed to Pang?

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