Stronghold developer Firefly is leaping into the fantasy action-RPG genre with Hero, a game which we're told takes players "into a real dungeon" - we're guessing that means a hefty dose of the dynamic.

Plot details are a light, but it is mentioned that the dungeon is "at war" and the abode of a shadowy evil which feeds on despair. Mwahahahahaha...

Adventurers will be battling hordes of monsters in melee, ranged and magic combat, with the option to fight alongside a fellow hero that can drop in and out of the game at will, by the sounds of it.

It's additionally hinted that Hero will feature KOTOR-style good guy/bad guy paths to follow with players ultimately attempting to "survive - and maybe even save - the darkest society imaginable!".

A first trailer is viewable on this page and provides a brief glimpse of Firefly's new HD engine that's powering the game. Hero is due out on PC and a to-be-confirmed console platform in spring 2009, published by the newly launched Game$#@! Media Group.

Trailer Here