Gas Powered Games' boss Chris Taylor has called on the world to focus on the creation of games rather than dollar signs.

"Let's get back to the love of the art", Taylor requested during his address at this month's D.I.C.E. summit, adding, "I finally realised that I'm going to prove to myself that the love for the art is greater than anything else."

His comments, reported by, formed part of a candid speech in which he took issue with the early videogame development work ethic established where thousands of hours of overtime would be put in by dev teams.

Taylor said that Gas Powered Games had worked in such a way when developing RPG Dungeon Siege - "We impaled ourselves on a sword", was the way he described it - but drew a line in the sand when it came to Supreme Commander and put the teams' personal lives before development.

"We built Supreme Commander without destroying our health or families," he explained.

And created a superb RTS title in the process.

via cvg