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Thread: Cyclo Wiz New Version Works On all Chipsets

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    Rev Cyclo Wiz New Version Works On all Chipsets

    Divineo China have let us know that the Cyclowiz Modchip has a new version out that works on all Chipsets of the Wii including the D2B chipset.

    Divineo China are selling the modchip for $39

    Heres more info:

    This is the latest version of Cyclo-Wiz, now compatible with ALL models of Wii consoles available on the market (including D2B).
    Play imports (only JAP/USA), backups, and more, all in an easy to install modchip at a low price for a high production quality

    Specifications & extra information

    - Very easy to install : It takes less than one minute to solder a CycloWiz mod. Thanks to the quicksolder patterns on the PCB, no wires are required during the installation. Simply align the CycloWiz PCB over the drive PCB and solder the PCB at five different points. You're still free to use wires instead of quicksolder if you want to.

    - Stealth even when the mod is enabled: Its advanced stealth mechanism makes the drive act as if it was not patched. When playing backups, the main Wii CPU doesn't receive even one byte of data that would differ from an original disc.

    - Play GC Homebrew and GC Imports

    - GC homebrew code boots directly, like backups. GC imports can be played using a boot disc. (*)

    - Built-in Audiofix (GC games using streaming are working flawlessly, no patch needed): CycloWiz includes code to play correctly games using audio streaming. While all GC mods offer this feature, it was harder to implement on Wii. No patching required.

    - Multi-Disc games support: CycloWiz is totally transparent when it comes to changing discs. GC multi-disc games are working, and if multi-disc Wii games are to be released, they'll work just fine.

    - DVD-R / DVD+R support: Both 8cm and 12cm discs are supported.

    - Optional chip disable wire: Are you paranoid enough so that stealth mode is not good enough for you? Don't worry, using an extra wire you could enable the mod just when you want to, by turning on the Wii while pressing the reset button.

    - Multipurpose LED: CycloWiz LED will help you troubleshoot your installation in case of an installation problem. If it's ON it means that the chip is working, if it flashes it means there is an error, and if it's OFF it means the chip is not powered correctly.

    (*) While adding a swap-free import feature would have been trivial, the chip could be easily detected then. It was decided that beeing stealth was more important, so using a boot disc is required.


    - FULLY UPGRADABLE via dvd.
    - Quicksolder (no wires required)
    - Plays Homebrew (GC format)
    - Play GC Imports (swap needed)
    - Plays Wii CDR/DVD±R
    - Plays GC CDR/DVD±R
    - Built-in Audiofix (no patch needed)
    - Compatible with Multi-Disc
    - Optional chip disable wire
    - Stealth mode.
    - Multi-purpose LED
    - ESD packing.

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    sounds promising. Still dont know if I would have the balls to start ripping open my wii yet

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    Glad to hear they addressed the problem so quickly. If I order from, will I be getting the most up to date chip, or should I just wait a little while for the stock to rotate out at the other places?

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