ABI Research recently predicted 145m tablets will ship this year, and now reports that tablet-based shopping is becoming quite the trend in States. 22 per cent of users now spend $50 or more via their device a month, while nine per cent spend $100 or more, which is noted as significantly higher than smartphone spending.
Mobile shopping of physical and digital items hasn't affected retail stores yet, though companies are concerned their shops will be turned into showrooms for e-commerce buys. They're every right to be concerned too, as data recently showed that a fifth of Americans use mobiles when in-store to make price comparisons.
Indeed, over 50 per cent of tablet shoppers all admit to have performed price checks, redeemed a coupon, and completed location-based searches while shopping within the past 90 days.
Jeff Orr, senior practice director of mobile devices, ABI Research, said: "Tablets are quickly becoming the go-to transaction screen within the home. The opportunity to keep consumers buying in-store squarely remains with the retailer. So far, the presence of a media tablet during the shopping experience has not altered the sales channel where consumers finally buy products."
While tablets and shopping appear to go together like fish and chips, 17 per cent of owners also use their tablets when reading newspapers and magazines, and 14 per cent use them in conjunction with the TV.