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Thread: PSP: NJ Emulator Suite v.2.0 - CPS2 - CPS1 - NeoGeo and Neogeo CD Emulators Updated

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    psp PSP: NJ Emulator Suite v.2.0 - CPS2 - CPS1 - NeoGeo and Neogeo CD Emulators Updated

    NJ has once again said farewell to the PSP scene, this time offering a major update to all of his emulators as a final parting gift.

    We have new versions of each emulator for

    Neogeo MVS
    NeoGeo CD


    Last Words
    Although it was my intention to stop updates as of 2007/01/28, I delayed it a bit due to various issues, but am now finished making updates as of today, 2007/02/14. I will not be making any more PSP software, but it is my hope that these will be of some use as reference.

    2007/02/14 NJ
    About The Software Presented Here

    -If you have used any of the previous versions please take note that a portion of the control scheme as changed. The menu is opened with the HOME button.
    -Please read the readme_???.txt included with each software first.
    -The control schemes are all pretty much the same. They are written in the readme_???.txt (files) so please run your eyes over them.
    -For all menus other than the main menu, there is a simple controls help function available. It is displayed by pressing the R TRIGGER, so please run your eyes over these as well.
    -I have also prepared Japanese language versions of the 3 arcade emulators, however the amount of allocatable memory decreases by about 800KB (with these).

    About The (file) Included With The English Language Version (Excluding NCDZPSP)
    -The files included in the English language version are files that are necessary if Japanese is to be used in the game list and the command list.
    *If you are not going to use Japanese this (file) is unnecessary so please delete it.
    *When displaying Japanese, copy the files included in exactly as they are to /PSP/GAME/CPS1PSP/.
    -Even in the English language version, when using the Japanese command list, the Japanese font is loaded, and the amount of allocatable memory decreases by that amount.

    About Emulators That Use Cache
    -All of the CPS2PSP games, as well as almost half of the MVSPSP games, will not run if you do not create cache files for them.
    -Please create the cache files with the romcnv_cps2.exe and/or romcnv.mvs.exe included with the released binaries. Since I included a version check, you can not use older cache files.
    -With CPS2PSP, it is possible to use zip compressed cache files, however, the speed drops considerably compared to uncompressed cache files. Other than a few of the smaller games, I recommend that you use uncompressed cache files.
    -When using cache files, the speed of the game is influenced by the loading speed of the Memory Stick. When using AdHoc, the speed of your opponent's (Memory Stick) will have an effect, so it is better if you don't use pre-PRO Memory Sticks.

    About The AdHoc Version
    -I put various efforts into stabilizing it, but since there are a lot of unknowns about the PSP AdHoc, even though it's gotten somewhat better, it's still unstable.
    -It's possible to play normally even with the AdHoc version. The reason I separated it from the regular version is because the speed of the AdHoc version is somewhat slower. If you do not plan on using AdHoc, I recommend that you use the regular version.
    -When using AdHoc, a portion of the options are fixed. Due to synchronization circumstances with NCDZPSP, the load screen emulation is always set.
    -Since you can't synchronize with different binaries, you will not be able to connect between a Japanese version and an English version.

    About The Command List File Size Reduction Function (I forgot to write this in the documentation)
    -When you select command.dat in the file browser, the file size reduction function starts up. Since the Japanese language version of a MAME! Plus command list is close to 4MB, please execute this first. Game loading times will somewhat decrease.

    *Please refer to each emulator's section to see what's changed.

    Changes for CPS2 Emulator
    -Due to merging the NCDZPSP source, all of the source (code) has been rewritten.
    -Added a Japanese interface version to all of the emulators. Compared with the English language version, the Japanese language version consumes about an extra 800KB of memory.
    -Added compatibility with MAME Plus! style command lists. Please place command.dat in the same directory as the EBOOT.PBP. Also, when using a Japanese language command list, an approximate 800KB of extra memory is consumed.
    -Although the amount of items that can be set in the makefile have increased, it is better not to use UI_BPP32 outside of NCDZPSP. You can compile with it, but instances occur where there's not enough memory and games won't launch.

    Fixed Bugs
    -Fixed a bug where there wasn't enough memory for a portion of games and sometimes the screen would get messed up.

    Changes for CPS1 Emulator
    -Implemented changes from MAME 0.112u1. I've changed it to use different cache files for mpang and mpangj so please be aware of this. (Although in reality there's only a few dots different)
    -Changed the cache file version. Please remake all of your cache files with the included romcnv_cps2.exe (file).

    Fixed Bugs
    -Fixed a bug where there were instances with line scroll where sprites couldn't be drawn correctly.

    -Changed the sprite texture format to a joint use of CLUT8 and RGBA5551.
    -Added AdHoc compatibility.
    -Changed it so that the sound sample rate can be changed without relaunching.

    Changes for Neogeo MVS Emulator
    -Changed the sprite texture format to CLUT8.
    -Changed the button for launching the BIOS select menu from the file browser to "START" from "L TRIGGER".
    -Changed the cache file version. Please remake all of your cache files with the included romcnv_mvs.exe (file).
    -Reverted to allowing UNI-BIOS by default, but due to limitations arising from it not working without allocating raster processing, the speed will drop when compared to other BIOS and I do not recommend it's usage.
    -Added AdHoc compatibility. You can not use any BIOS other than MVS BIOS (AES BIOS, UNI-BIOS, Debug BIOS) with AdHoc. When starting AdHoc, the BIOS select menu is displayed, so there's no need to change it in advance. Also, the analog input in irrmaze and popbounc is unsupported.
    -Changed it so that the sound sample rate can be changed without relaunching.

    Changes for NeoGeo CD Emulator
    -Rewrote all of the source code. Since there's just too many changes, I'll just write the most important below. Basically, please just think of it as entirely different from previous NCDZPSP (versions).
    -Same as the other emulators, changed it so that the roms folder is the initial folder.
    -Changed it so that the menu is opened with the HOME button. You can no longer specify it's usage, but there shouldn't be any need to.
    -Since I've changed it so that it will launch by selecting the folder irregardless of zip or not, make sure to create a folder and place inside it either the ZIP file or all of the files taken from the CD-ROM. Please refer to readme_ncdz.txt for the details.
    -Changed the folder for placing MP3s from "neocd.mp3" to "mp3". (Since I dislike folder names that include periods)
    -Changed the folder for placing command.dat from "data" folder to the same folder as the EBOOT.PBP.
    -Added AdHoc compatibility.
    -Due to circumstances with using the Square button with AdHoc, transfered the BIOS launch to the START button.

    I won't be updating this page, but as long as it is not deleted I plan on leaving it here.
    Further, I request that you not distribute the files listed in here as part of auctions, etc...
    2007/01/28 NJ

    (If there is enough demand, I will also translate the readme (and what-not) files.)

    As long as there has been no major changes to the cache creation system, I should be able to release an update to MacX_romcnv for Mac users within the next day or two.

    I can't say it enough, but THANK YOU SO MUCH, NJ for all of the work you have put into the fullest possible realization of these emulators.

    Download and Give Feedback on all the Emulators via Comments

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    Wow I miss him already

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    I feel like we just lost Grey Fox.

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    As usual, NJ did an impressive work

    Btw, are these suggestions realizable ?

    1/ Is it possible to get 8 ways D-Pad ctrl : between up & left, between left & down, between right & down, between right & up, up, down, left & right ?
    Coz I know that the 4 main ways 're defined in pspctrl.h as :
    But nothing about the 4 others to make QCF more easily.

    2/ I also noticed Unibios 's very slow. Is it possible to fix it as in 1.51 ver. ? Coz Unibios launch & displaying menu were faster in this ver.

    3/ Could it be possible to add cheat files as in MAME ? I think it shouldn't be an huge task.

    4/ Could it be possible to get 16/9 less "crushed" as in PSP games ? I know that it's not an easy task which needs a lot of work.

    5/ Could it be possible to add screenshots packs as in MAME ? It shouldn't be an huge task...

    I dunno how to contact NJ, but SamuraiX seems to know him.

    Thx guys.

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    Thanks NJ, you will be missed.

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    Yeah! Thanks a lot for all the hard work you've put in all emulators!! I hope you get a job at CAPCOM or any other game company!

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    Wow Ad-Hoc...OMG Atleast he went out with a bang. Honestly he was one of my favorite coders here.

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    NJ you did a great job on these emulators. Hope to see you come back with a big bang!

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    all my fav emulators with adhoc t bad he has left NJ IS THE HARDEST WORKING MAN IN THE EMULATING WORLD i wish him good luck in all his projects :thumbup:

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