A new patch for the Wii U edition of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 addresses some longstanding Wii Remote issues.
The patch, which is available now, fixes the "jittery movement" users have experienced with the Wii Remote. Meanwhile, players will now be able to turn when crouching with a scoped weapon. The full Wii U specific fix list:
  • Wii U Specific Issues Addressed/Features
  • Home Button Menu is now available in Multiplayer and Zombies when not in-game
  • Send text messages from the lobby and friend list menus
  • Wii Remote Changes
  • Improved presets
  • Buffed aim assist
  • Wii Remote Bug Fixes
  • Jittery movement
  • Unable to turn when crouched/prone with a scoped weapon on Wii Remote
  • Hybrid optic attachment stopped working after ADS on Wii Remote
  • Guardian and Turret unmovable when weapon pickup option is set to inventory
  • button
  • Reticle disappearing during EMP
  • Hunter Killer Drone does not fire in reticle direction
  • Crash in Strike Force tutorial
  • Lodestar score streak is hard to control (it now uses the control stick)

Fixes that apply to all platforms have also been introduced with the new patch. The full notes can be found on the Call of Duty messageboard.