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Thread: KFWFlasher .37 Released

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    psp KFWFlasher .37 Released

    News/release from kiwidoggie:

    I Got my newest addition of KFWFlasher. And IT COMES with a Basic Readme!

    Before you say
    "Theres X-Flash"
    "This Is Worthless"
    "You just copied directly from the pspsdk"

    I want to respond
    "There is other fetures like backing up UMD's And Flashable apps"
    "Screw off, you try making something like this that people trust in"
    "No, No I dident and when i ask people for code they never give it to me thats why long space between releases, for this new release it has only 12% copied"

    Well Now then...
    KFWFlasher .37 Alpha is fully recoded from top to bottom. It does not use hardley any of the pspsdk examples (except the #includes). I got a Donor for the Menu and i am greatly thankful for that. Like I said it is fully recoded so it is even faster than the old one. also it has more "structered" file setup so it is harder to get confused when using this. It comes with a readme!

    This remake to plz others and not copy the pspsdk was a pain in the ***!

    Heres the Pros and Cons:
    + Added Menu
    + Fixed Flashing problem
    + Faster Flashing
    + Back up UMD
    + Back Up Gameboot, And Font

    -Wallpaper Flashing Still not ready
    -Bootsound flashing not ready
    -Wireless not ready
    -Cannot backup whole flash 0 (YET!!! need to write new code for that)

    this is fully safe i have used it myself and had 100% success!

    Even tho this is safe to use it writes to the flash and there is a small chance of brickage

    NOPxK9c Devteam CANNOT BE HELD RESPONCEABLE(i know i spelled it wrong)

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments
    via kiwidoggie

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    This sounds like interesting to hear, I'll download and try this application out.

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