from changelog:

- added 15.11.2 (Yay0 decompression Code), info taken from OR9's docs
- added 15.12 (Yaz0), info provided by thakis
- added a bit of info to 10.10 (SD Cards)
- added actual usefil info to 15.10.1 (CMPR texture format),
taken from OR9's docs (from dolwin)
- added 14.10 (RARC/SZS) (info provided by thakis)
- update references (17; 17.1)
- thakis sent corrections/pointed out a bunch of spelling errors, and reworded
some fux0red english (many thanks!)
- 5.7 (DI stuff) reworked (much more to come...)
- added some actual info to 9.7 (DKongas)
- added info to 14.9 (TGC format) (info taken from tgvtogcm.c by Plootid)