Sony Worldwide Studios president Phil Harrison has confirmed that Sony will be making "exclusive announcements" and next month's Games Developers Conference.

Speaking to 1UP, Harrison refused to elaborate on Sony's plans for the event, only adding that Sony "have some interesting announcements to make".

"I think it's no secret that we're going to make a couple of exclusive announcements there," he said.

Harrison also said that Sony will not allow competitors to change its plans and that the firm will continue to plow its own furrow.

"It's important to understand from our point of view, we are not focused on one competitor, trying to adjust or change our strategy because of what one competitor is doing in the market," he said. "We have our strategy, we're here to grow the market, we're here to build out the PlayStation brand and experience on a worldwide basis, building on the success that we have and we're continuing to do that."

via cvg