As announced Maximum team updates the Lizard to make, half compatible with the new firmware from C4eva.

New / fixed: - Added menu DG16D5S, currently there are only two active functions: -> How to MTK PCB LTU 1175 + -> other to enable writing firmware into the PCB LTU 1175 + has ) There is no way to get in a drive MKT with stock (for now ...) b) There is no way to read or write the firmware or the key with DVD player stock c) There is no way to write a reader completely stock (for now ...) So, in the meantime, you need a DVD player with a blank chip MT1332E as the team Xecuter PCB or replacing your chip reader chip blank. Procedure: - With J-Runner and extract key.bin cr.bin - With JungleFlasher, create the Firmware LTU (read the manual to combine the files), the team works to implement this option in their ToolBox - Enter the new menu Lizard "DG16D5S-> MTK" - Enter the new menu Lizard "DG16D5S-> Write" from the ToolBox casebook sent the file generated by JungleFlasher ToolBox Lizard Lizard Firmware Updater website Official: